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25th February 2013

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I suppose that might be it. But it seems like he has no support structure, while his wife does. He does have his work, but I doubt his buddies at work would tell him that he needed to go to counseling. He needed it.

And, as I said, it could just be the final straw in a long string of increasingly shitty days.

Since I’m over-analyzing and trying to make it easier to love Kevin dearest and not feel guilty about it, maybe it has to do with his work. He might have killed someone, or seen a partner die, or seen a hostage die and feels he could have prevented it. Inadequate therapy, or a general refusal on his part to really participate, and then it just eats at him and he tries to find any release valve he can which leads to the alcohol and the abusiveness.

Yes, I just put more thought into this then that paper on Kabuki Theater that’s due later this week. *headwalls*

I’m just nuts. I’m trying to find excuses to love him. I think I have issues. A lot of them.

I blame David Lyons for being so friggin’ sexy.

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