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16th March 2013

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Graham Rogers and the roles he’s played

One. 1313: Haunted Frat. Better known as the reason why I am able to draw certain pictures of Danny Matheson with a completely straight face and no embarrassment.

Two. Memphis Beat,”Flesh and BloodIn which he plays a teenage father and is all kinds of adorable. His first tv role and probably the one I love the most. After Danny Matheson, of course.

Three. Crazy Kind of Love. Still haven’t actually seen this one, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Four. Struck By Lightning. AKA his character is every gay stereotype ever, but still manages to have amazing depth and is such a sweetheart. Also, his character’s boyfriend. Yup.

Five. Revolution. My absoluted favorite role of his ever. Because he’s an adorable little shit here. And Houdini’s post-apocalyptic reincarnation. Seriously. Also, every scene he’s in with Neville. And that’s enough about that, thank you.

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    Forgot about that one. *headwalls* How could I forget about that one?! He was adorable. Like a puppy. With a new toy. Or...
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    He was in that old State Farm commercial, too. He wanted a hot tub.